At Nestlé, we are always finding ways to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and bring you the latest up to date advice and information about food and exercise for you and your family. The pages in this section and the downloadable documents are some of the most recent updates and resources we hope you'll find helpful.

Taking care of your family this winter with Butter Menthol
Soothe your sore throat with our range of medicated lozenges
NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® - Australia’s first hot and cold coffee machine!
7 ways to eat less salt without compromising on taste
12 Steps to Healthy Kids
Fitting Exercise Into Your Day
Nestlé & AIS Supporting Schools in Our Community
What Goes into a Balanced Lunch Box? Healthy and Nutritious Food
What's on your Plate? Portion Size and Meal Planning
Storing Food Safely: Smart Storage and Food Preparation Checklist
Fit in Fitness: Exercise Guide for Christmas and the Holidays
10 Ways to Wellness: Healthy Lifestyle Tips and Advice
Getting the balance right: Balancing Treats with Smart Snacking
Making you matter: Tips For a Healthier, Happier You (pdf,52Kb)
Step up: Exercise Ideas For a Healthier Lifestyle (pdf, 927Kb)
The Highs and Lows of GI: Health Benefits of Low GI Foods (pdf, 1.2Mb)
10 Steps to Healthy Eating: Daily Nutrition Tips (pdf, 101Kb)
Heart Healthy in 10 Steps: Article from Healthy Food Guide (pdf, 505Kb)
UNCLE TOBYS Snacking Range: Nutritious Lunchbox Snack Ideas
Survival for the Active Family book: Healthy Eating Made Easy
Tips on how to Survive Winter and Stay Healthy
Family Fitness: Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise Tips (pdf, 168Kb)
Healthy Eating Habits for Kids article – from the Healthy Food Guide (pdf,1.1Mb)
Know Your Asian Greens
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