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Where can I Buy Nestlé products

We don’t have a list of individual stores that stock our products as this is at the discretion of each retailer, however we work hard to get your favourite product into stores. Coles and Woolworths stock the largest range of Nestlé products. Independent retailers, such as IGA, Foodland and Foodworks buy from their local Cash & Carry; if you have a local shop that you use regularly but they don't stock the Nestlé product you want, a friendly retailer will sometimes put it on their shopping list for you next time they visit their Cash & Carry.

We sometimes have to make the difficult decision to no longer make a product; if you haven’t been able to find your favourite product, click here to view our recently discontinued products.

Foodservice/catering products or bulk purchases - if you’re looking for a product used in the food service or catering area, or looking to purchase a product in bulk, you’ll need to make contact with an accredited wholesaler or distributor, some are below or more can be found at

Hollier Dicksons:

Alternatively, websites such as Amazon, Officeworks and Staples stock some of our products that you might not see in your local supermarket.

Nestle Australia products Overseas - If you’re an Ex Pat looking for a Nestlé product which you loved in Australia but can't find it where you’re living now , there are special distributors who may be able to help you. These distributors in Australia who, under special licences, can forward small quantities to other countries. We suggest contacting the or who may be able to help.

Nestle overseas product in Australia - Finally, if you’re looking for a Nestlé product found overseas, the internet is your best friend. Some independent retailers or online retailers will import Nestle products into Australia, however, we don’t have a list of retailers or products available from other markets.