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Human Resources Management

In Oceania, Human Resources (HR) has the responsibility of implementing our HR strategy across the Nestlé Oceania businesses.

Our HR strategy focuses on three areas:

  • People: attracting and retaining the right people 
  • Performance: achieving the full potential of our business and our people
  • Culture: creating an ethical, responsible and high-performance culture


HR matters are governed by a combination of local, regional and global HR policies. These include our Nestlé Corporate Business Principles, Nestlé Management and Leadership Principles and the Nestlé Code of Business Conduct. Together they direct our approach to employment, labour relations, training and development, and other areas within HR. Creating a work environment that is ethical, inclusive and one that builds trust is not only about how Nestlé Oceania treats and interacts with its employees, but also about how our employees conduct themselves inside and outside of the business. We also ensure compliance with external standards, such as the UN Global Compact, through our CARE Program (Compliance Assessment of Human Resources, Occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Business Integrity). This includes regular external auditing by an independent certification body.