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Nutrition Information & Responsible Marketing


We have an important role to play in guiding people to adopt a balanced diet. 

We aim to use clear labeling and responsible marketing that promote healthy lifestyles to communicate transparently about our ingredients and the nutritional composition of our products.

We advertise our products according to strict guidelines, especially when it comes to how we promote breast-milk substitutes and how we communicate to children. 

In addition, we provide the information people need to make conscious decisions and purchases, supporting them in making more sustainable choices that affect how they live and the health of the planet.

With this information, they can understand how their decisions can make a difference and help ensure our ability to feed future generations in nutritious ways. 

Providing clear labelling

We provide comprehensive and transparent information about ingredients and nutritional composition on our packaging.

To guide responsible consumption, we provide information and services to help people make healthier choices as part of a balanced diet.

Government-endorsed front-of-pack nutrition labelling

We provide additional voluntary information, such as the Health Star Rating (HSR). We include %DI labelling in our nutrition information panels and for confectionery this is combined with the use of the Be treatwise logo.

Portion guidance 

How much people eat can be as important as what they eat. Launched in 2013, the Nestlé Portion Guidance initiative aims to help consumers understand what constitutes an appropriate portion of our products.

Our approach to portion guidance differs between product categories, ranging from balanced meal advice on pack, to portioned packaging, portionable product formats and transparent label information. For example for our chocolate products we have used a right-sizing strategy to ensure we are offering appropriate portions and we’ve recently committed to the Healthy Food Partnership Confectionery targets for single consumption chocolate bars.

In addition to this we help people enjoy our products as part of a balanced diet, we’ve created The Backstory, our new on-pack communication system. It allows our brands to tell purpose-driven stories on the back of our packs while better organizing all required product information. Together, this ensures transparent nutritional information and provides portion guidance.

We’ve also developed practical tools to help people learn about portions and balancing meals Nestlé Portion Plates | Nestlé Australia (


Marketing responsibly 

We do not promote chocolate, confectionery, soft drinks, ice cream or potato-based savory snacks to children under 13, or engage in promotional activity in primary schools and secondary schools anywhere in the world; including in countries where there is no legislation preventing such activity. Our approach is set out in the Nestlé Marketing Communication to Children Policy.

We are further strengthening our industry-leading responsible marketing practices, as part of an effort to help bring balanced diets within reach for people around the world. Our new Marketing Communication to Children policy will take effect as of July 1 2023. Under this policy the company will voluntarily restrict its marketing to kids under the age of 16, while at the same time continuing its long-standing efforts to help families establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

The policy will prohibit direct advertising of confectionery and ice-cream as well as water-based beverages with added sugars to children below 16 years of age. The policy reaffirms the ban on product marketing communication targeting children between 0 and 6 years of age, as per previous versions. This standard will be applied to TV and online platforms, including social media and gaming ones with greater than 25% of their audience under 16 years old. Additionally, Nestlé will not collect data of minors and only partner with social media influencers over the age of 18.

Coupling existing nutrition services, educational tools and recipes with these additional safeguards helps give children and young adolescents a solid foundation for building a healthy lifestyle. Through our Nestlé for Healthier Kids program and various nutrition campaigns globally we have made over 80 million children more knowledgeable about good nutrition, balanced diets and healthy lifestyles since 2016.

Locally in Australia we also committed to marketing our products in compliance with the AANA Food & Beverages Advertising Code.

In addition, we keep leading the way by publishing our annual compliance report on our policy for implementing the WHO Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. This report provides insight into our robust WHO Code compliance system and highlights that when cases of non-compliance are discovered we take swift action to address them.

Sharing nutrition insights 

We help promote healthy diets and lifestyles by sharing information and guidance about how to achieve a balanced diet, appropriate portions and nutritious home cooking.

Teaching children about nutrition 

We have a longstanding partnership with the AIS, delivering an education program developed and designed for teachers, by teachers to upskill young Australian’s on their health and wellbeing, fitness, nutrition and sustainability understanding. Visit The Good Village Education Program | Nestle for Healthier Kids ( to find out more.