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Food Waste


Around a third of the food produced globally is lost, or wasted1.

Food loss and waste can occur at any point between where food is grown – at the farm – and where it’s consumed – such as in households or food service.

In Australia, it adds up to 7.6 million tonnes2 of food, which costs the economy $36.6 billion a year3 and accounts for 3% of our national greenhouse gas emissions.

On any given day, over half a million households in Australia are struggling to meet their food needs. In the past 12 months, over 2 million Australian households experienced severe food insecurity, which means they ran out of food because of financial limitations and at worst went entire days without eating4.

This is why we need to work together. Nestlé is working with partners across the value chain to reduce food loss and waste.

Signatories of the Australian Food Pact

To advance action, Nestlé Australia has joined the Australian Food Pact, an industry-wide commitment to halve food waste in Australia by 2030.

The Australian Food Pact brings together a broad range of organisations to tackle food waste and build a better, more resilient food system. The multi-year commitment will identify priorities, develop solutions and implement change at scale. 

The Australian Food Pact is a voluntary agreement facilitated by End Food Waste Australia and supported by the Australian government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. 

Combatting food waste through brand action

At Nestlé, we are focused on combatting food waste. Our brands use packaging designed to help maintain the quality and freshness of our products. They also partner with organisations to redistribute surplus food to those in need.

  • Maggi is a founding partner of the Saveful app, designed to help Australians save time and reduce food waste. The innovative, intuitive, free app provides users with simple, budget friendly recipes enabling users to make thousands of dishes with what’s already on hand in the kitchen. Check out how Maggi and Saveful help make food go father.
  • A versatile recipe base, Maggi Hearty One Pot Casserole turns almost any combination of protein and vegetables into a flavourful and nutritionally balanced meal for six. Designed to be ‘All Taste, No Waste,’ it’s an easy way to incorporate ingredients on hand and minimise food waste.

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