Supporting our communities

In Australia Nestlé has a long-standing partnership with Foodbank Australia, donating unsalable or surplus food which is still safe and nutritious to eat. Foodbank is Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation providing 88,000 meals a day to people in hardship.

In 2013 we donated 456,508kg of food, enough to make 608,677 meals and including emergency food relief. We also increased our donation by supplying 9,600 packets of Vita Brits every month to be distributed to charities for use in breakfast programs and food hampers across the country. In New Zealand we donated food to the value of $870,000 to the Salvation Army, City Mission and 0800 Hungry.

"Foodbank is a conduit between the generosity of the Australian food industry and the need of the front line relief charities. Without our partners we would not be able to operate and Nestlé exemplifies the level of support that we are able to rely on to help feed Australians in crisis,”

Jason Hincks,
CEO Foodbank Australia

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