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KitKat wrapped in recycled plastic


Some say it’s what's on the inside that counts, but when it comes to KitKat we’re as keen to perfect the wrapper on the outside as we are the chocolate on the inside!

We’re delighted to introduce a packaging first for Australia and New Zealand. 

KitKat is the first food in Australia and New Zealand to be packed in a wrapper which uses 30% recycled plastic. As a result, 40 million 45g KitKat bars will be packaged in the recycled wrapper across Australia and New Zealand in the coming year – saving around 250,000m2 of virgin plastic.

This is another step on our road to make packaging with less virgin plastic, and packaging that’s designed for recycling. 

The wrapper 

Currently, soft plastic with recycled content that’s suitable for food packaging isn’t widely available anywhere in the world. We’re working to change this. As part of a bigger move globally, Nestlé is committed to invest CHF 2 billion to stimulate the market and lead the shift from virgin plastics to food grade recycled plastic.

We searched high and low to find as much of this packaging as we can from our suppliers. And we’re not stopping here. As more becomes available we hope to increase the amount we can use in our packaging and use this material to package more and more of our products. This is critical to ensuring not only that we use less virgin plastic, but to also ensure that plastic waste is recycled.

Why KitKat? 

KitKat is on a mission to ‘Give the Planet a Break’. 

We don’t just want to make better wrappers, it’s important that everyone knows how to recycle the wrapper correctly too. 

For this reason, in 2020, we replaced our iconic logo on the front of the pack to encourage Aussies and Kiwis to “Give the Planet a Break” and promote the correct way to recycle soft plastics.  

By turning the wrapper into a recycling reminder chocolate lovers can’t miss, we aimed to build awareness of soft plastic recycling and encourage everyone to think about their recycling habits. 

As well, all our KitKat wrappers carry an Australasian Recycling Label, so you know what bin to put it in.  

What’s inside the pack is good too 

Speaking of the wrapper – there's a lot more to sustainable cocoa than a logo on pack. 

KitKat was the first global confectionery brand to be made with 100 per cent certified sustainable cocoa. Since the launch of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan over a decade ago, we have worked with cocoa-growing communities to build a better future for cocoa farmers, improve the lives of those in cocoa communities and create strong roots for better quality cocoa.

The Future 

This is a big step in the right direction but we’re not at our end destination yet. This is a journey of ongoing innovation from bean to bar. 


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