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Our thoughts are with all who have been affected by the Queensland floods

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Queensland, Australia

The Queensland flood crisis

As the journey to rebuild the areas devastated by the recent Queensland floods continues
we are thankful that despite the close calls all our people are safe and our site has been

We are currently working with Foodbank in response to their request to provide food to flood victims across Queensland and to date have donated over $400,000 worth of product including food and beverage and pet food. In addition to this we are donating $100,000 directly to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal in Queensland which takes our total contribution to the relief efforts to over $519,000.

This will be a prolonged challenge and we will continue to monitor the situation and stay in
touch with relief organisations to provide appropriate support.

Our thoughts are with all our employees and extend to Queenslanders who have been
affected both personally and professionally by the floods as they continue on the road to
repair and recovery.

For more information:
Fran Hernon
Corporate Affairs Manager
Nestlé Australia Ltd
Direct line: (02) 8756 2976
Mobile: 0418 473 861
Email: [email protected]

Anita Catalano
Corporate Communications Manager
Nestlé Australia Ltd
Direct line: (02) 8756 2388
Mobile: 0406 403 397
Email: [email protected]