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5 TO 9 IS THE NEW 9 TO 5

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Gone are the days of working ‘9 to 5’; according to new research revealed today. The new trend among working women shows that nearly half (47 per cent) of women aged 25-44 in Australia, are working ‘5 to 9’, with 61 per cent working between nine and twenty hours per day.

The national survey, commissioned by the NESCAFÉ Café Menu® team uncovered this new trend, putting the spotlight on the long hours that modern Australian women are working and the lengths that they go to in order to take more breaks. According to the findings, after combining their day job, household chores and (for many) being a mum, Australian women only find the time to fit in on average, three 10-15 minute breaks during their long working days, with more than half (56 per cent) saying that they felt they deserved more.

When it came to finding ways to take a break in the home or office, the research unearthed the hidden truths of the working woman and the lengths they go to in order to find those precious minutes to take a moment for themselves.

An overwhelming 80 per cent of mums said that they bribe their children to behave, with one in five now using bribes on a regular basis in order to get a break.

At a time where smart devices are being consumed more than ever, 67 per cent of mums said that they have used a smartphone or tablet to distract the kids, with three out of four (75 per cent) using the TV as a babysitter. One in three mums with kids under 18 (39 per cent) even said that they have skipped pages of a bedtime story in order to get a break for themselves.

Back in the office, two in five women (40 per cent) have taken respite in the loo or told a white lie in order to grab a break. One in five (20 per cent) has even resorted to hiding from the boss to get back some time – with the bathroom revealed as the most popular place to hide.

When they do finally manage to fit in a break, the top pursuit for women was to catch-up on favourite TV shows (82 per cent), take a coffee break (75 per cent) and check up on social media, which was favoured by nearly three quarters of women (73 per cent). 71 per cent like to catch up with magazines or books and a further 67 per cent used their rare free time to send emails and texts. Other activities mentioned included exercise and being in the outdoors.

A real-life ‘5 to 9er’, campaign spokesperson, media personality and mum of two Tracey Spicer said, “As a working mum I can certainly identify with these findings. As women we can and will do it all, so it’s not surprising that often we find ourselves out of time. That’s where our hidden secrets for finding ‘me’ time come in – it’s what makes us human after all.”

The NESCAFÉ Café Menu® team understands that the modern Australian woman is busier than ever before, and in recognition of this, have re-recorded the iconic classic song ‘9 to 5’. For the first time ever, ‘9 to 5’ has been re-recorded with a lyric change of ‘5 to 9’ to reflect the cultural shift among women today, complete with an accompanying three min music video.

NESCAFÉ Head of Marketing Rebecca Dobbins adds, “Our research clearly highlights what we have always suspected – that modern Australian women today are working harder and longer than ever before. We are delighted to celebrate the real working day of a woman and we hope, whether they're at home or in the office, women everywhere will watch the music video and feel inspired to relax and recharge over a cup of NESCAFÉ Café Menu®.”

The NESCAFÉ Café Menu® team encourages women to sit back and take a well-deserved moment in their day and take a break for themselves and watch the full music video at and join the conversation #working5to9