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Nestlé launches Australia’s first toddler milk drink with new refillable packaging system

Nestlé Australia has announced a new refillable packaging system for its NAN SUPREMEpro Toddler milk drink – a first in Australia – as it explores ways to reduce packaging and test new packaging systems. 

The unique refill system comprises a reusable stainless-steel can, light weight pouches that go inside the tin, a specially designed lid to keep pouches snugly in the can, and a scoop made from 95% renewable plant-based plastic. Parents can re-order refill pouches as required online, or sign-up to a subscription service. 

Nestlé Australia Head of Packaging, Karunia Adhiputra, said, “This launch is an important step on our journey to developing new packaging systems.

“Packaging is an incredibly important part of our products, and our team is focused on ensuring both quality products for consumers but also innovation that helps us work towards making 100% of our packaging designed for recycling – or, ultimately, to be reusable. 

“We’re looking forward to hearing parents’ feedback on the refillable system. Over the coming months, we’ll look the potential to scale a refillable solution, and continue to assess how we can improve packaging systems to reduce environmental impact.”

The new NAN SUPREMEpro Toddler ReFill system will result in 40% less primary packaging1 weight over a year.

The NAN SUPREMEpro Toddler ReFill System Starter Kit ($41.98) and 2 x ReFill Pouches ($37.78) can be purchased direct from the Nestlé Baby Store online. 


1Compared with NAN SUPREMEpro 3 Toddler 800g tins purchased from Nestlé Baby Store, based on 2 serves/day for 12 months