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Nescafé and Arnott's Tim Tam team up for new mocha range

New Nescafé Café Creations and Arnott’s Tim Tam collaboration is among best-testing ideas in Nescafé history 1

Nescafé and Tim Tam™ have set a new benchmark for indulgent coffee experiences with an iconic collaboration that is taking the nation by storm. The new range of mochas brings together the irresistible flavours of coffee and Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit into a delicious experience for coffee lovers and biscuit enthusiasts alike.

Nescafe Mocha inspired by Tim Tam

The Nescafé Mocha inspired by Tim Tam is available in three indulgent mocha flavours: Original Choc, Caramel Choc, and Dark Choc, so every mocha lover can find a flavour they love.

Nestlé Coffee Head of Marketing, Olga Starus, said: "We’ve been waiting eagerly to announce this delicious new mocha range from Nescafé. I think everyone would agree that coffee and chocolate biscuits are a match made in heaven, so we took this perfect pairing to the next level by bringing two iconic brands, Nescafé and Tim Tam, together, in our latest and most indulgent collaboration.

”We've been blown away by the feedback from the lucky fans who got to taste this new range early and think Aussies will fall in love with this rich and chocolate-y coffee experience."

The perfect pairing lands as Nescafé brand celebrates its 85th anniversary and Tim Tam clocks up 40 years of the ‘Tim Tam Slam’. Now thanks to Nescafé, biscuit lovers will have a new way to “slam” with the new Nescafé Mocha range inspired by Tim Tam – just stir, sip and slam.

Arnott’s Marketing Manager, Tim Tam, Rebecca Chan said: “Australians have been bite-sip-slamming their Tim Tam biscuits into their coffees for 40 years, so we wanted to celebrate by elevating this experience and taking this iconic ritual to a whole new level.”

“We’ve worked with the Nescafé team to take the delicious taste of three of our classic Tim Tam biscuits and adapt them for a perfectly indulgent range of mochas. Tim Tam slam with a Tim Tam inspired mocha: what more could you wish for?”


The Nescafé Mocha range inspired by Tim Tam is available now exclusively at Woolworths. Each box contains 8 individual sachets (RRP $7.60).



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