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It’s Moments Like These! Minties celebrates its 100th birthday

Minties invites you to the party for a nostalgic ‘ripper’ of a competition 

This month, Minties celebrates its 100th birthday! More than just a lolly, the Minties brand is embedded into Australia’s history through its memorable catchphrase ‘It’s Moments Like These You Need Minties’. 

Through the years, Minties has reflected the humour of the time, commissioning cartoonists to express ‘Moments Like These You Need Minties’ since 1926. The cartoons depict moments of disaster, embarrassment, frustration or disappointment – from being chased by animals out of the ark in 1929 and pulling a hat from the mouth of a stubborn billy goat in 1931 to burning your meat on the BBQ today Minties makes moments a little bit of fun.

To celebrate its birthday, the Minties team is inviting fans to join the party on the hunt for Australia’s longest hand-torn wrapper to crown a wrapper-ripping champion!

The Minties wrapper challenge has long been an Aussie favourite pastime - enjoyed during road trips or as a nostalgic party game. Allen’s team is inviting lolly-lovers to the challenge, with the top 10 tearers winning* their very own personalised Allen’s lolly jar, filled with Minties. And of course, the best prize of all - bragging rights! Check out the T&Cs* for how to enter.

Nestlé Oceania Head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan said “Minties 100th birthday is a major milestone. The all-time classic lolly has left Aussies having ‘Moments Like These’ for years! The adverts have resonated with Australian culture, capturing the hearts and smiles of many through the decades.”

She continued “What better way to celebrate the birthday than inviting the nation to get behind a wrapper-ripping competition - something that Aussies have grown up enjoying at parties.”

Allen’s lolly expert Tony Raponi said “It’s been an honour to work at Nestlé factories for over four decades and see the expertise behind lollies like Minties. For a century, the craft behind the lolly has remained the same. It’s no wonder the beloved lolly has been embraced generation after generation. The Allen’s team now make over 150 million Minties a year in Broadford, Victoria - a testament to the popularity of the unique universal sweet.”


Competition Details
*To enter on Facebook, head to the competition post on the Allen’s Lollies page. In the comments, post a photo or video of your hand-torn Minties wrapper next to a measuring tape or ruler to prove its length, tell us about the time you had a MintiesMoments Like These’ moment and tag #minties100 and @allens. 

You can also enter via Instagram by posting a photo or video to your feed with your wrapper and ‘Moments Like These’ response (ensure your profile is set to public so we can see your entry!). 

Opens 1/12/22 and closes 18/12/22 (AEDT). Open to AU res 18+. Multiple unique entries permitted. Entries judged and winners notified by 20/12/22. Prize is 1 of 10 personalised Minties jars valued at $40 each. Retain original hand-torn Minties wrapper for validation purposes. Visit full T&Cs* at Terms & Conditions: Minties 100th Birthday – Allen's Lollies (