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Berry-licious lolly news – Allen’s team launches new Berry Snakes Alive!


Snakes Alive fans rejoice – for the first time ever, the team at Allen’s have picked the berry best flavoured snakes and put them all in one bag. A fresh berry twist on a much-loved classic, the new Allen’s Berry Snakes Alive pays homage to the legendary Snakes Alive lollies, with two classic and two new, juicy berry flavours. 

Allen’s fans voted on their favourite Snakes Alive flavours*, with 64% admitting Red (Strawberry) and Purple (Blackberry) were their top picks. Hence, Berry Snakes Alive were born. 

The new range includes Strawberry and Blackberry flavour snakes, combined with two new juicy Raspberry and Blueberry flavours.
Allen’s also uncovered that most Aussies (68%*) pick their favourite Snakes Alive flavours to eat first and 20% eat them whole - cheeky! Thankfully, there’s no need to get in first anymore, because the whole bag is full of the favourites!
Allen’s Marketing Manager Sapphira Nolan says, "We know berry is always a favourite flavour among Allen’s fans - they’re always the first flavour to go in our household (perfect if you’re a zesty lemon, or tasty pineapple fan). That’s why we are excited to launch a twist on our much-loved classic, Snakes Alive, by launching an all-berry version!”

The Allen’s Berry Snakes Alive range will be available in a​ 200-gram pack for RRP $4.00 from Coles and independent convenience retailers from 6 March 2023. 

*Poll conducted on Allen’s Instagram account on Thursday 23rd February 2023, with over 300 responses. The poll asked ALLEN’S fans three questions:

  1. What is your favourite Snakes Alive Flavour?
    • Red / Purple (64%)
    • Orange (15%)
    • Green / Yellow (21%)
  2. How do you eat your Snakes?
    • Head first (67%)
    • Tail first (13%)
    • All at once (20%)
  3. When do you eat your favourite Snakes Alive flavour?
    • FIRST – I pick out my fave flavour! (68%)
    • LAST – I save the best till last! (32%)