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Nestlé brings medicated liquid centre production to Blacktown

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Nestlé Australia has relocated the manufacture of its iconic BUTTER-MENTHOL and SOOTHERS Liquid Centre products from the Czech Republic to the manufacturing facility in Blacktown in New South Wales.

Since 2011, Nestlé has invested $1.1 million in capital expenditure at the Blacktown factory with a view to relocate the manufacturing of these products. Executive Director of Operations, Stephanie Hart, said it is a credit to the local product development and engineering teams that the products can now be manufactured at the local plant.

"Nestlé proudly employs over 80 staff at the Blacktown factory. The relocation of these products is an investment in the future of this facility," Ms Hart said.

Further benefits of the relocation to Blacktown include:

  • Opportunity for world class innovation in Nestlé's medicated range of products
  • Greater flexibility to respond to increased demand
  • Longer shelf-life of the products

The Australian manufactured BUTTER-MENTHOL range will be available from the end of October 2014, while the Australian manufactured SOOTHERS range will be available from the end of January, 2015.

Always read the label - Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, contact a healthcare professional.