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Nestlé Australia welcomes funding boost for Indigenous Girls

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Nestlé Australia today welcomed the announcement that additional funding would be provided to allow the Role Models and Leaders Girls Academy program to extend to additional secondary schools.

CEO Trevor Clayton said Nestlé had seen evidence of exceptional outcomes which were genuinely changing Indigenous girls’ lives as they were supported to complete their education.

“We’re excited to see this incredibly valuable initiative given the resources it needs to extend into new schools and support more girls to complete their schooling,” Mr Clayton said.

“Right around the world, we know that educated girls are a powerful force to change families, and change communities for a healthier future. The Girls Academy program is meeting a real need among our Indigenous girls in practical and sensitive ways.”

Ricky Grace, Girls Academy CEO and Founder said that the government funding would allow the program to expand to a further 1500 Indigenous secondary school girls.

“This important commitment will ensure that we are able to meet the needs of young Indigenous girls in secondary schools and improve school attendance and engagement, secondary school graduation and transition into post school education and training opportunities,” Mr Grace said.

“We are proud to work with Nestlé Australia in our mutual goal to Develop a Girl: Change a Community."

Over the past five years, Nestlé support for the Girls Academy program has included:

  • A Mother Daughter Nutrition Program aimed at bringing girls and their mothers together around healthy cooking and nutrition
  • Providing professional development training and nutrition training for Academy leaders
  • Providing training for Year 12 graduates in communication and nutrition, as well as leadership training
  • Developing a cook book and a portion plate specifically to help guide Indigenous girls’ nutrition
  • Introducing a nutrition corner into Girls Academy sites
  • Provided structured nutrition programs in all Academies.

As well, more than 200 Nestlé staff have contributed 6500 hours of time to volunteering in Indigenous communities.