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The search for Australia's best made MILO stirs up the nation

Comedian Dave Hughes reveals his unique recipe and challenges fans to share their creations and be in to win the #TheMILOCup

Australian Comedian and long-time MILO lover Dave “Hughesy” Hughes has today announced the search for Australia’s best-made MILO, calling on fans to share their creations for the opportunity to win #TheMILOCup. 

Kicking off the contest by sharing how he has his MILO, Hughesy challenges Aussies to beat his creation of Plant Based MILO mixed with Soy milk and finished with a pinch of salt. 

Whether you add your MILO first or last, you like your milk hot or cold, or even if you season it with herbs and spices - MILO wants fans nationwide to showcase and share their recipes of Australia's favourite choc-malt drink, to claim the crown of the best made MILO.

The winner of #TheMILOCup will receive the prestigious MILO Cup trophy, a year’s supply of MILO to share, and have their winning creation printed on a limited run of the iconic tin, earning serious bragging rights among family and friends. 

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes said: “Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes said: “I’ve loved MILO for 50 years and as I’ve grown, my MILO recipe has changed with me. 

“These days I’m all about the soy milk with the pinch of salt – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I guess everyone thinks their MILO is the best-made, so enter #TheMILOCup and show us what you’ve got.” he added.

Nestlé Dairy Business Manager Anna Stewart said “MILO fans are incredibly passionate about how they enjoy their MILO and last year we learnt Aussies most enjoyed theirs cold, thanks to a nationwide poll.

“This year, we’re digging deeper to uncover how MILO-lovers enjoy their MILO, which we know is very personal and subjective to individual tastebuds. We’re calling on fans to share the unique and creative ways they make their favourite MILO beverage, so we can celebrate Australia’s best made MILO and crown the winner of #TheMILOCup.”

To enter go to, the MILO Facebook page at @miloausnz, or MILO Instagram page at @miloanz to find out more. Entries close on Wednesday 7th July.