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Men More Likely to Feel Happier than Women

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Join the #ChooseMyWellness movement and make one small change every day.

The average Australian finds time to relax, exercise regularly, be optimistic and satisfied with life, but when you delve into the differences between the average man and woman, it’s a very different story according to results from the Nestlé Choose Wellness Quiz.

The results from the Australian Nestlé Choose Wellness quiz, taken over 70,000 times in the last two years, has found that women are worrying more than their male counterparts and feel more lethargic. While it found that men drink more alcohol and are eating less fruit and vegetables, both feel their diet has room to improve (68 per cent female versus 60 per cent male).

“Happiness and healthiness is the result of a variety of lifestyle factors including nutrition, exercise, social interactions and our ability to manage stress. These are things where Australians can make small changes every day in order to be happier and healthier,” says Katrina Koutoulas, Head of Market Wellness, Nestlé Australia. 

The quiz found that the average Australian male is more likely to feel happy than the average Australian female; 28 per cent of men secured a happiness score of 80 or above, versus 21 per cent of women. 

When it comes to some areas of health, the results show men appear to know what they’re doing; 63 per cent of men feel strong (versus 59 per cent of women), 59 per cent of men exercise four or more times per week (versus 54 per cent of women) and the average Australian woman is worrying more than the average male at 63 per cent versus 47 per cent of men. 

However, the news is not all bad for women. She is more joyful (80 per cent versus 74 per cent) and has more close friends that they can talk to (80 per cent versus 75 per cent).

“Small things, whether it be smiling more, getting up from the desk at work or just being more mindful of people, can transform a person’s attitude towards their wellbeing. This in turn promotes a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle,” continues Ms Koutoulas.

Meanwhile the results go on to reveal that only one in 10 Australians eat the recommended five serves of vegetables and more than 40 per cent are not getting enough exercise – so there’s room for improvement, for all. 

The results have been released in the lead up to the #ChooseMyWellness movement where Nestlé wellness ambassador Hugh Sheridan is urging Australians to make one simple choice every day in the month of September to improve their health and wellbeing.

"As a young Australian I understand how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy balance between enduring a heavy work load while still making healthy choices. September’s movement is an opportunity for Australians to make small changes that can make a big difference to their overall wellbeing,” says Hugh.

“The movement has been created to be full of fun ways Australians can improve their wellbeing, both physically and mentally. The challenges are small enough to easily slot into everyday life, but big enough to make a daily difference.

About the #ChooseMyWellness Movement

The Nestlé Choose Wellness Movement is a nationwide call to action for everyone to commit to developing their own personal wellness. Nestlé is inviting all Australians to join the movement and make a wellness promise (big or small). 

From 1-30 September Nestlé Choose Wellness encourages Australians to make and document one simple choice every day to improve their health and wellbeing - the most inspiring entry each day will win $1,000!

To take part, residents of Australia and New Zealand can choose to take part in a daily challenge, upload a picture completing/taking part in that challenge to Instagram, Twitter or the Nestlé Facebook page on the day of that particular challenge with the hashtag #ChooseMyWellness.

Click here to see if the full list of challenges.

For more information contact:

Anita Catalano
Corporate Affairs Manager
Nestlé Australia
Mobile: 0406 403 397
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