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MILO goes the XTRA distance

Classic MILO gets xtra protein, xtra chocolatey, xtra crunch
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MILO has launched MILO XTRA, offering 25% more protein than regular MILO with milk*, more crunch and more intense chocolate taste than original MILO. 

When made with milk, a single glass of MILO XTRA provides 12g of protein, perfect for active Aussies as protein helps the body recover by building and repairing muscles2.

For those looking for a more intense chocolatey flavour, new MILO XTRA has extra cocoa, providing a delicious flavour that Aussies will love.

And there’s even more of the iconic MILO crunch, thanks to the extra cocoa and milk powder in MILO XTRA. 

Nestlé Dairy Business Manager Anna Stewart said: “We know MILO is an iconic Australian favourite, and we want the classic taste of MILO to be extra enjoyable.  

“Our bodies need different nutrients at different stages, and protein can play a key role for many people, particularly teenagers and active Aussies. 

“We’re excited to offer more of the chocolatey MILO taste and crunch Aussies know and love, while providing these additional nutritional benefits like more protein, which can be beneficial for muscle growth and development2.” 

MILO XTRA contains a combination of vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy body2:

  • 25% more protein per serve than regular MILO with milk, when prepared as directed
  • MILO XTRA and milk is low GI1, providing slow release, sustained energy for an active day2
  • Eight essential vitamins and minerals for a nutritional boost

MILO XTRA (RRP $6.99, 395g) is available in Coles nationwide now, and independent supermarkets from April.

The launch of MILO XTRA follows the recent launch of MILO Plant Based, a delicious dairy alternative to classic MILO, and the 2019 launch of MILO 30% Less Added Sugar, as the 86 year old iconic MILO range expands to meet the changing needs of a new generation.

1 GI = 32 (Low) when made with skim milk 
2 When MILO XTRA and milk is consumed as part of a healthy diet containing a variety of foods 
25% more protein than regular MILO with milk, prepared as directed