52 Uncle Tobys and Nestlé cereals to carry Health Star Rating

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52 Uncle Tobys and Nestlé cereals to carry Health Star Rating

Uncle Tobys and Nestlé Australia announced today that its entire range of 52 cereals will carry the Health Star Rating on pack by April.

All but five of the cereals will have a Health Star Rating of 4 stars or more while the remaining cereals will carry a Health Star Rating of 3.5.

This reflects a long running program to steadily improve the nutritional profile of all our cereals, by reducing the saturated fat, sugar and sodium across our range and increasing the amount of wholegrain and fibre.

All Uncle Tobys and Nestlé breakfast cereals meet the nutrition criteria of the Federal Government’s Nutrient Profiling standard, which was introduced at the end of 2012 to make sure that healthy claims only appear on healthy foods.

The new Health Star Rating system is an effective way of helping Australians recognise healthy food options – it gives a simple, at a glance tool to assess the nutrition of a product. The Health Star Rating also takes a wide range of nutrients into account – not just one ingredient. Sustaining a healthy diet is all about balance and eating a wide variety of foods.

For more information: www.uncletobys.com.au/health-nutrition/
Related information: www.healthstarrating.gov.au