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Nestlé Needs YOUth

Because you’re vital to our future and that of society, and have great ideas and visions about how to make a positive future impact. We at Nestlé share that vision – your dreams can change the world!

We want to help you become our next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and agripreneurs. Game changers whatever your field or level of expertise.

We’re passionate about nurturing your talent, energy and dreams to help ensure a sustainable future for everyone. Investing in youth is essential for thriving, resilient communities, and it helps build our business too. Young people help drive change at Nestlé – you keep us dynamic and competitive.

We know life isn’t easy for young people nowadays – 71 million youth worldwide are unemployed, while over half a billion are under-employed, or stuck in uncertain or precarious jobs.

This is why we launched Nestlé Needs YOUth, now our global youth initiative. Through it we’ve helped prepare hundreds of thousands of young people for work, trained and supported over 4 million farmers, and helped 2 million women develop business skills.

We’ve also offered young people tens of thousands of apprenticeships, traineeships and job opportunities. And this is just the start! Our commitments support our new ambition: to help 10 million young people worldwide access economic opportunities by 2030.

We’ve also founded the Alliance for YOUth, as a business-driven movement that helps prepare young people for working life and improve their job prospects.

Investing in today’s youth is a win for everybody’s future – for our business, local communities and the planet. Nestlé Needs YOUth, Nestlé needs YOU!

Why work at Nestlé?

Because we’re driven by our purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing a healthier future, which means creating long-term value for consumers, shareholders, communities and around 323,000 direct colleagues – through our global business that touches billions of lives every day. Nestlé puts people at the heart of all we do, and promotes a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside work, via a culture based on values rooted in respect: for ourselves, others, diversity and the future.

You can meet our people here. Then read more about working at Nestlé – everything from our working environment and respect for diversity and inclusion to support for professional development, and the rewards we can offer you.

Check out how we’ll support Your Nestlé career as a young employee, by encouraging you to grow professionally and personally, and what we look for in our people.

Finally, explore what we can offer Graduates, apprentices and interns, and which Nestlé function might best suit your skillset.

So you’re sold on a Nestlé career, right? Then read our tips for jobseekers (they’re useful – we promise!) and search our current vacancies.



Hints & Tips

So you want to work for Nestlé (it’s a no-brainer, right?!) and you’ve found your dream opening? Great! First read the 6 things you NEED to do before you start your job search, which includes tips on how to polish your CV and covering letter.

If you’re unsure on how to lay out your CV, search online for ‘resumé or CV builder’. Plenty of websites offer great-looking free templates to get you started. If you’re applying in Spanish then our Central and Southern American markets already offer this free CV builder.

Job opening identified, CV polished, interview secured? Cool. Now let’s get you prepped on possible interview questions, and presenting the right kind of body language.

Of course, you made a great impression, so fingers crossed they’ll invite you back for that all-important second interview.

The job’s all yours? We knew it! Now all you have to do is prepare for your first day at work.

Read all our tips for jobseekers.