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Consumers & Our Products


We sell products all around the world, manufactured to reflect different nutritional needs and cooking regimes, yet they are all underpinned by scientific research and a commitment to provide safe, high quality and responsibly produced goods. We are committed to ensuring our consumers understand how to enjoy our products as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

All of our products are reviewed within Nestlé’s Nutritional Profiling System. We started this process in 2004 when we developed the methodology – the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System which is a rigorous program that assesses products on the achievement of a Nutritional Foundation (NF). This foundation is based on nutritional recommendations by authorities such as the World Health Organisation. Where a product does not meet this nutritional standard we either change the product to improve its nutritional value or remove it from sale if it's a children's product. In 2013, 65% of our products aimed at adults and 73% of children products met Nutritional Foundation.

Making our Products Healthier:

  • Improved the nutritional profile of 47 of our products, reducing sodium, saturated fat, trans fatty acids or adding calcium, wholegrain or fibre.
  • Removed artificial colours from ALLEN'S lollies, chocolate bars and blocks.
  • Entire range of UNCLE TOBYS and Nestlé cereals meet the Food Standard Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)
  • Nuts removed from UNCLE TOBYS snack bars
  • Certified and segregated palm oil in our chocolates manufactured in Australia