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Healthy Active Kids

Healthy Active Kids

Nestlé Healthy Active Kids is a global program which aims to improve the nutrition and health knowledge and promote physical activity among school-aged children by developing local programs and operating through multi-partnership approaches. In 2013 the program was operating in 68 countries, reaching 6.9 million children.

In Australia we re-launched the website enhancing resources for teachers by adding new lesson plans relating to healthy eating and exercise. As part of the program we distributed 80,000 Kids Nutrition Plates, 50,000 Healthy Active Kids booklets and as a result was able to reach 5,000 teachers and 250,000 school children.

Healthy Active Kids is a FREE programme, helping Australian families have fun being active and staying healthy.

The programme is designed as a guide to help families learn the basic skills of a variety of sports, and how to stay hydrated when being active. It also provides parents with quick and simple tips on nutrition for breakfast and lunch to assist kids to live a healthy lifestyle. Plus, there are great recipes to get your kids cooking and achieving a balanced meal.

Many of the games featured in this programme are played in modified games at primary schools drawing on simple motor skills such as catching, dodging, bouncing a ball, leaping, running and throwing. Athletes from the Australian Institute of Sport take you through six sports that kids enjoy in primary school - like netball, football, and soccer - with step-by-step instructions and tips.

Students can develop short term goals to start undertaking activities they enjoy, and look at ways they can encourage themselves and others to 'have a go'. Go on, you can do it!

We believe in a healthy tomorrow for today’s children, so students who understand the benefits of an active lifestyle are encouraged to get active.

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