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Maggi foods

The MAGGI team believes goodness starts with homemade food – a belief unchanged since our early days in 1885. In today’s world, food has become so much more than sustenance - food is a way we experience different cultures, a way we connect with others and the way we nourish our bodies.

We aim to deliver products and recipes that are tasty, easy and simply good! Cooking has become something that we have to do rather than something that we want to do, and even though landing the basics can be difficult; the MAGGI team aims to inspire and enable families to cook every day, even when life gets in the way.  Our products range from MAGGI® 2 Minute Noodles and MAGGI® FUSIAN® Noodles through to MAGGI® Recipe Bases and even our Asian Inspired Sauces which provide easy and convenient meal solutions to help families cook the food they love. 

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