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Low GI Products

Low GI Products

The GI Symbol Program

The GI Symbol program is run by Glycemic Index Ltd, a non profit organization formed by the University of Sydney, Diabetes Australia and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The GI Symbol represents an accurate, credible and convenient way to identify the glycemic index (GI) of foods. High, medium and low GI foods may carry the GI Symbol as long as they meet specific nutrition criteria and have had their GI tested by an accredited laboratory.

Nestlé has a range of low GI products that carry the GI Symbol to help make it easy for you to choose low GI foods when shopping.

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Why is GI important? What are the GI levels of different foods? Read more...

Looking for delicious Low GI recipes? We have a range for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Low GI: < 55
Medium: 56 to 69
High: > 70

MILO Range
MILO (mixed with reduced fat milk) (GI-36)
MILO 200g
MILO 450g
MILO 750g
MILO 1.25kg
MILO 1.9kg
MILO Malt 450g (mixed with reduced fat milk) (GI-40)

Morning Sun Apricot and Almond Cereal
Morning Sun Peach and Pecan Cereal

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