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Bringing a little bit of fun since 1891, Allen’s has always sparked smiles with our delicious range of lollies. With iconic lollies such as SNAKES ALIVE, Frogs Alive and Party Mix bags… Who can resist?

See below answers to FAQs about our Allen’s Lollies.

If you have any questions or comments, send us an Email or message us on Facebook and we’ll do our best to help.

If you’re not a fan already, why not join our Allen’s Facebook community where you’ll be kept up to date with all things Allen’s.

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  • Our Allen's lollies aren't Halal certified. However, we use Halal beef gelatine in our lollies (with the exception of Allen’s Sour Randomz which contain pork gelatine).

  • It's very common for foods to contain alcohol based flavours. Alcohol isn't used as an ingredient in our Allen's Lollies, however, in some instances, they may contain a flavour that has been extracted using alcohol or contains an alcohol base. When we use these types of flavours, it's possible that there may be some very small amounts of alcohol left in the final product. The alcohol is not a fermentable or drinking alcohol.

  • Our Allen’s Jubees, Allen’s Spearmint Leaves, Allen's CheekiesAllen's Fantales and Allen's Kool Mints are suitable for a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. 

  • To keep our Allen’s range fun and exciting, unfortunately, we have to stop making some of our lollies to make way for new ones. Sometimes certain lollies can only be found at particular retailers. If you’re still looking for a product, contact us and we’ll try to help.

  • Not all our Allen’s lollies are considered Gluten free. Please check out our Gluten List here to see which products may be suitable for your dietary requirements

  • Wherever possible, our Lolly Experts have chosen packaging that’s recyclable. Every pack includes recycling instructions. You can also recycle your Allen’s lolly bags at store drop off points via REDcycle.

  • Allen's is a major supporter of an organisation called Red Frogs Australia. We happily donate tonnes of Allen's Red Frog Lollies each year that get used for the different Red Frog Programs. Visit Red Frogs Lollies to learn more.
  • Allen’s Lollies has set out to support Australian koalas, helping raise awareness for the species now listed as endangered. Allen’s supports the new National Koala Rescue Training Course - available to licensed wildlife rehabilitators throughout Australia, providing them specialist training to better rescue and transport injured, sick, or orphaned koalas. Visit WIRES to learn more.


For further information, please call 1800 025 361 in Australia or 0800 830 840 in New Zealand.