"We have some of the biggest infrastructure in the world for any company, the challenges that exist are amazing from the complexity through to the sheer size of it"

Andrew, Technology

As part of our IS/IT team, you’ll unleash technology’s potential while at the same time unlocking your own.

Our IT teams are spread throughout every region of the globe, giving you the potential to work with a diverse range of people, cultures and locations. This will present new perspectives and new challenges and you’ll gain broad experience across all levels of our organisation. We’re looking for dynamic people who know that the impact they have locally will often be felt globally.

One of the key channels you’ll have for doing this will be our GLOBE program. GLOBE is a major worldwide business and IS initiative that is creating common best practices and infrastructures. As a part of GLOBE, you’ll join a project team working to implement Best Business Practices and Processes through our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This will involve deepening your SAP skills, working alongside colleagues from diverse backgrounds and shaping our thinking with yours.

By being part of this global support function you will have unique opportunities to grow and develop, while at the same time, directly impact business performance through the provision of technology solutions and tools.

Our IT program opens up a host of career opportunities in:

  • Application Support
  • Business Excellence
  • Infrastructure
  • Help Desk