ALLEN'S is a collection of family favourites. From soft, delicious Bananas and Milk Bottles, to Chewy Snakes, Ripe Raspberries, and Red Frogs, this delectable selection has something for everyone. For a truly mouth-watering experience, try this mix with Minties Smooth Chocolate and Vanilla.

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Discover your ultimate break KITKAT Chocolatory is the destination to unlock your creativity. Using the highest quality ingredients you can custom make a break down to every last detail. Indulge in our special limited edition flavours. Come and explore all the colour, flavour and creativity of Australia’s newest chocolate experience.



Having achieved our ambition to build 40 schools by 2015, we continue to support communities in areas of need. Why is this approach different? It's giving us information about the conditions in farming communities and the context in which the cocoa used in our products is grown and harvested. It's also about giving the communities the ability to grow and thrive.

Nestlé is working with over 70 co-ops and over 40,000 farmers in Nestlé Cocoa Plan in Côte d’Ivoire. We have a research and development centre in Abidjan and have built an upcountry experimental farm and training centre. We are active in all aspect of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, particularly around producing new plans.

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