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Nestlé And COP26

Nestlé And COP26
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To help address the global challenge of climate change, at Nestlé we are working hard to become a net-zero company by 2050 at the latest. We've set challenging targets to reduce emissions and advance the shift to regenerative food systems. To be a force for good, we continue striving for bold ambition and, importantly, action on climate change.

We need this more than ever at all levels — from governments, companies, and individuals. No organization or individual has all the answers. That is why Nestlé will be present at COP26 in Glasgow to advocate, communicate, and hear others' expectations of us in addressing our impact.

We hope a global deal in Glasgow will set out a clear path forward for humanity to limit global warming to no more than 1.5-degrees, delivering a better future for generations to come.

At COP26 we hope to see more global convergence on meeting the climate challenge, increasing the pace of change. We urge policymakers to help accelerate the decarbonization of food production by supporting a just transition to regenerative farming.

Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider
Nestlé CEO


Why is Nestlé attending COP26 in Glasgow?

We want to encourage and support policy makers and other stakeholders in reaching an ambitious agreement in Glasgow. We will contribute by sharing our experiences in areas like regenerative agriculture, our work towards regenerating the landscapes we source from and our innovations that offer more plant-based foods and drinks to consumers.

Attending COP is also about listening and engaging with civil society, communities and policy makers to better understand their expectations of Nestlé regarding our efforts to help address climate change. This COP will be a chance to make new connections and to explore ways of accelerating progress – including finding new partners for acting in our own supply chain.

What is your overall message on climate action ahead of COP26?

We must increase our collective ambition on climate change to help the world remain on a 1.5-degree pathway. At Nestlé, we have embraced this objective and continue working hard to ensure our company reduces emissions in line with the latest climate science. That means urgently reducing our absolute emissions by 50% by 2030.

Businesses can help create a net zero economy. We encourage the rapid uptake of science-based emissions reductions targets by companies and the adoption of specific plans for achieving them. At COP26 we hope to see enhanced ambition from national governments, but whatever the outcome, we will continue to work with them on reducing emissions. A just transition toward a regenerative food system can be a big part of the solution to this shared challenge.

What specifically do you hope to see come out of the political discussions in Glasgow?

The recent IPCC report on the science underpinning climate change makes it clear that every kg of CO2 saved now will make a huge difference for future generations. That is why we continue to work hard on implementing our net-zero roadmap, including shifting 50% of our key ingredient sourcing to regenerative farming by the end of this decade and planting 200 million trees by 2030.Yet our impact is limited on its own: We also need political leadership in Glasgow to set out the required vision and strategy for delivering decarbonization at scale.

We urge governments to embrace the full potential of agriculture and the food system to help reduce emissions, safeguard nature, and create sustainable livelihoods. Specifically, we’d welcome governments including food systems in their Nationally Determined Contributions for meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. We hope, too, that negotiators can resolve specific outstanding issues like Article 6 of the Paris rulebook, to advance progress towards a net-zero future through public and private cooperation.

Finally, we call for more organizations to embrace climate action at COP26 and commit to reducing emissions by 50% by 2030. Together, we can have a huge impact.

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