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NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® - Australia’s first hot and cold coffee machine!

Imagine an innovative one-stop appliance that will not only make cafe-style coffee but even an indulgent hot chocolate.

NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® is the first-ever multi-beverage machine available in Australia, with 6 different beverages available in-store, from hot frothy cappuccinos to hot chocolate.

The NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® multi-beverage capsule system is already hugely popular in 56 countries around the world.

Nestlé and De’Longhi have partnered to bring you the NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® – a simple and fun to use home beverage system. Just place the capsules in the machine, follow a few simple steps and you've got a rich, cafe-style beverage in no time and with no mess.

The sleek, funky and easy-to-use NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® serves full-bodied coffee as well as iced coffee with the touch of a button. Its unique 15-bar pressure pump - similar to the pressure used in cafes- not only produces an authentic cafe-style taste every time, it also creates a delicious crema layer and frothy milk, giving home-brewed macchiatos, cappuccinos and Café au laits a genuine cafe taste, for as little as 50 cents a cup for an espresso (RRP).

The proprietary technology of NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO®'s innovative capsule system ensures a perfect cup, every time. The sealed black coffee capsules contain a premium blend of roast and ground coffee specifically chosen for intense and fragrant flavour.

NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® serves up a delicious drink in a range of 6 great varieties such as Cappuccino, Americano, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Cafe au Liat, Hot Chocolate.

The funky and fashionable NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® machines are available from supermarkets, starting from a recommended retail price of $149.

NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® capsules can be purchased from all supermarkets and other major retailers.

For more information visit the NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® website