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Easter with Something Extra

Put your eggs in a different kind of basket.

If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy Easter with your children, try putting together a gift basket with a difference. With a mix of small treats; some toys to encourage activity and exercise, and games you can enjoy together, your basket lets you and your kids make the most of the Easter break by maintaining the balance.

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you build a fabulous Easter gift basket:

  1. We all deserve the odd sweet treat. However, it is easy to overdo things at Easter. Portion control is one way to help keep treat intake in check.
  2. Include a toy or game that encourages your kids to get outside and get active. A skipping rope or ball is a simple way to encourage exercise for any child.
  3. Easter is about new life. Why not include some flower or vegetable seeds in your gift basket? You can plant them in small pots or even make a start on a veggie garden.
  4. Painted eggs are a great way to continue the Easter theme. You can nurture your childrens’ creativity and enjoy spending some time together.
  5. Take advantage of the Easter tradition of egg hunts to get kids up and moving.