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Today, the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Team opens the world’s first UNCLE TOBYS Oats Energy Exchange Café. Launched by energetic wellness expert, Tim Robards, the café will allow customers to exchange the steps accumulated doing daily activities for a unique menu of dishes.

Aussies collectively take an average of 115 trillion steps per day doing everyday activities , all of which require a source of energy to stay properly fuelled. Whether it be taking the stairs rather than the elevator, opting to walk over driving the car or getting stuck into household chores, these activities require just as much fuel and energy as high intensity pursuits. Examples of this include:

• 60 minutes of cooking = 3,660 steps
• 30 minutes of washing the car = 2,620 steps
• 45 minutes of cleaning = 4,095 steps
• 30 minutes of yoga = 2,280 steps
• 45 minutes of windsurfing = 4,095 steps

Anyone who visits the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Energy Exchange Café and shows their accumulated step count from the previous day, via their smartphones or step trackers, or signs an ‘energy pledge’ for the steps they intend to do, can select items from the menu. The menu items will be available to exchange for set step amounts and also come with a free coffee:

• Oat Energy Balls – 3,000 Steps
• Oaty Banana Bread – 3,000 Steps
• Avocado on Oat Toast – 5,000 Steps
• Creamy Porridge with Mixed Berries – 5,000 Steps
• Mixed Berry Hotcake – 6,000 Steps
• Fruity Oat Bircher – 8,000 Steps
• Savoury Turmeric Porridge with Poached Egg – 10,000 Steps
• Blue Algae Smoothie Bowl with Crunchy Granola – 10,000 Steps

A study commissioned by the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Team revealed that NSW residents (59%) agreed they could do with more energy to expend throughout the day, in comparison to all other Australian states, with 54 per cent of VIC residents and 55 per cent of WA and QLD residents saying the same . Because the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Team knows the importance of everyday energy, the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Energy Exchange Café has launched to help Sydney residents get the right fuel.

Located in Sydney’s foodie district on Chippendale’s Kensington Street, the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Energy Exchange Café will be open between 8.00am and 2.30pm from Tuesday 28 August until Thursday 30 August. The café will offer a select menu of oat-filled items to fuel customers with the energy they need.

Australian wellness expert and UNCLE TOBYS Oats Energy Exchange Café ambassador, Tim Robards, said: “Oats are not only a great source of energy, they are also fantastically versatile when it comes to cooking. Far from just a breakfast option, the menu created for the UNCLE TOBYS Oats Energy Exchange Café brings them to life in a different way, from savoury turmeric oats to blue algae smoothie bowls, the options are endless.”

Known for their energetic lifestyle, Tim, along with UNCLE TOBYS Ambassador and Olympic swimmer Bronte Campbell, will be making appearances at the café over the three days to take part in the Energy Exchange. They will be on hand to talk about their everyday energy and what fuels them.