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UNCLE TOBYS introduces a naturally sweet breakfast

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In direct response to consumers seeking less sugar, the team behind UNCLE TOBYS – Australia’s most popular brand of oats – has launched NATURE’S MIX, a No Added Sugar range of oat sachets that are naturally sweetened with dried fruit and healthy nuts.

Research  by the UNCLE TOBYS team showed that when shopping for themselves or their families, consumers prioritise nutritional sugar claims with 78% of Australians looking for no added, low or reduced sugar products. NATURE’S MIX is designed for Australians who want to enjoy the sweetness of nature without the added sugar.

Ready in just 90 seconds, NATURE’S MIX is a quick and delicious breakfast option that has been awarded a 4.5 out of 5 Health Star Rating. With 100% Australian whole grain oats and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, each 40g sachet contributes over 50% towards the 48g Whole Grain Daily Target.

NATURE’S MIX is available in two varieties: Sultana, Apple & Cinnamon (8pk) and a three-flavour Variety Pack (8pk) featuring the following flavours:
• Sultana, Apple & Cinnamon
• Currant, Coconut & a Hint of Raspberry
• Hazelnut, Macadamia & Almond

Nestlé Regional Nutrition Manager – Cereal, Anne-Marie Mackintosh, said: “We are excited to introduce new NATURE’S MIX No Added Sugar oat sachets as part of our commitment to providing more breakfast choices for Australians. NATURE’S MIX is designed specifically for oat lovers, who we know want a delicious breakfast option with no added sugar.

“UNCLE TOBYS Oats is dedicated to energising and activating Australia with the good energy of oats. With every bowl packed full with naturally sweetened goodness, and wholesome, whole grain ingredients, NATURE’S MIX products will help Australians to lead healthy and active lifestyles,” Ms Mackintosh continued.

Retailing for RRP $5.49 for 8 sachets, UNCLE TOBYS Oats NATURE’S MIX is now available at all independent retailers (IGA), and will be on shelves in Coles from Monday 15 May.