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'Trust and transparency must be at the core of business' - Paul Bulcke

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Companies like Nestlé can only be successful over time if they live up to high ethical standards of human rights, CEO Paul Bulcke has told the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights, held in Geneva.

In a keynote speech, Mr Bulcke said: "Human rights is about doing, is about how we behave – every day, everywhere. It is what each of us does, and yes, even more importantly, it's the how we do it.

"It is in the actions, on the ground, where respect for human rights is visible, in the countries where companies operate, where they have their people working for them, where they source their raw materials and link up with societies; where they produce, where they sell their products and services."

Mr Bulcke's speech explored the importance of trust and transparency in business and explained how Nestlé implements these values in its day-to-day activities, to connect positively with society.

Watch a webcast of the event and read the speech in full (pdf, 195 Kb) 

Read more about Nestlé’s Corporate Business Principles and its efforts to integrate human rights into its day-to-day activities and how Nestlé ensures rights are respected around the world.

Explore how Nestlé assesses human rights impacts (pdf, 909 Kb) across its business activities.