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Sydney schoolchildren inspired to eat well for International Chefs Day

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In celebration of International Chefs Day, children at the St Catherine of Siena school in Sydney swapped the classroom for the kitchen in the name of healthy eating through the Nestlé Healthy Active Kids program and the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF). 

More than 80 children from the school got creative with healthy food and had the opportunity to prepare recipes alongside professional chefs, Julio Azzarello and his team from the ACF, with the help of Nestlé Nutritionist Karen Kingham and special guest, Australian Institute of Sport Diver, Declan Stacey, a World and Commonwealth medallist, who recently competed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Students had the chance to cook healthy dishes including Berry Banana Boosting Smoothies and Fantastic Broccoli Noodle Cups. Karen Kingham was on hand to teach the children about healthy eating while Declan Stacey spoke to the kids about his journey to top-performing athlete, and the important role nutrition and exercise plays in helping him reach and stay on top of his goals. Declan Stacey also ran through a series of exercises for the kids to participate in.

Karen Kingham said that International Chefs Day is all about inspiring kids to eat well in a way that’s engaging and interactive.

“We had a fantastic day with the children at the St Catherine of Siena school cooking up a range of dishes with the help of some of Australia’s leading chefs and a special physical activity session thanks to Diver Declan Stacey. We hope today’s event showed the students that eating well and physical activity can help them lead a happy and healthy life, no matter what they might want to be when they grow up,” Ms Kingham said.
International Chefs Day is a global celebration of culinary arts. This year’s theme “Healthy Foods for Growing Up” encourages kids to think about the profession they would like to have when they grow up, and how healthy eating today can help them get there.

The Nestlé Healthy Active Kids program has teamed up with leading chefs from the Australian Culinary Federation to bring International Chefs Day to life.