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Together Counts Ambassador Susie O’Neill encourages Australian families to make healthy choices

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Susie O’Neill, on behalf of the Healthier Australia Commitment and the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), today launched ‘Together Counts’ - a website aimed at encouraging Australians to look at their energy balance via a new online resource.

A current energy “imbalance” exists in Australia, with two in three adults and one in four children overweight or obese . Susie O’Neill is encouraging Australians to balance the kilojoules we eat and drink with the kilojoules we burn with activity, via Together Counts with suggestions for meals, lunchbox ideas and physical activity tips for the whole family. The idea of Together Counts is to set goals with family and friends so that you can encourage each other to be healthy and active.

“It’s back to school and work time for many, so it’s a great time to form new habits and routines and to make a positive step towards living a healthy active lifestyle. Achieving energy balance isn’t just about eating the ‘right’ food; it’s also about being active every day – it’s the energy ‘in’ versus energy ‘out’ equation,” said Susie.

With almost two decades of a professional swimming career behind me, I have a lot of experience and knowledge about the energy I require each day. Having said that, the “balancing act” is an ongoing challenge, and I find as a mum it’s often a lot harder!”

“I truly believe the concept of energy balance is a simple way to educate people about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Achieving day-to-day energy balance is essential for healthy weight management, and I think this is possible for anybody, as long as they have access to the right tools and information,” Susie concluded.

Together Counts builds on the Healthier Australia Commitment’s pledge to reduce a number of nutrients in foods (sodium, saturated fat and energy) from across their product portfolios by 2015. AFGC’s Chief Executive Officer Gary Dawson said the Healthier Australia Commitment demonstrates the industry’s united approach to create a healthier Australia.

“This has already been demonstrated in the recent nutrient reduction targets, and we’ll also be encouraging participatory employee wellness initiatives in the workplace, in addition to connecting with Australian families through our new Together Counts platform,” said Mr Dawson.

“We’re really excited to have Susie O’Neill on board to launch Together Counts, and feel this is a great education tool for families to learn the important concept of energy balance.

“A core strength of Together Counts is that it will be promoted online and in social media by the major food and beverage companies aiming to encourage families and the community to make healthy lifestyle choices.”

The Healthier Australia Commitment’s current members represent more than 25 per cent of the food and grocery industry, and include Unilever, Nestlé, Campbell Arnott’s, General Mills, Lion, Sugar Australia, Coca-Cola South Pacific and PepsiCo Australia.

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