Nestlé NAN H.A. Gold Infant Formula

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Nestlé in Australia has been monitoring NAN H.A. Gold 800g infant formula closely. We have been advising any parent with concerns about their baby’s health to consult a healthcare professional.

The feedback we received from parents about NAN H.A. Gold 800g concerns us greatly. We understand how worrying it can be when a baby is unwell, and we want to reassure parents that Nestlé has taken their feedback seriously.

For this reason, we have:
  • Investigated the product thoroughly, both through independent laboratory testing and through consulting paediatric experts in Australia and internationally
  • Engaged with doctors, dietitians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to provide information and discuss their experiences with infant formula
  • Provided information to parents via our consumer services lines, at baby shows and online

In recent weeks, New South Wales Health and New South Wales Food Authority convened an expert panel to advise on any health conditions regarding NAN H.A. 1 Gold Infant Formula. Nestlé cooperated fully with the panel, providing all information requested, including information on clinical testing, active and other ingredients, batch and recipe testing, and manufacturing technologies and practices.

We understand the NSW government’s expert panel also made independent enquiries. This included independent laboratory testing of the formula. The statement from NSW Food Authority on this testing can be found here – 11 September 2012.

The expert panel found that there is no reason to believe the recent change in formulation is physically harmful to children. The full New South Wales Health statement is available here – 11 September 2012.

Recognising that babies may respond in different ways to changes in feeding, we are looking at more effective ways of communicating information on introducing feeding changes to consumers and health care professionals.

The Nestlé consumer services team is available to support customers should they require further information.

An earlier Nestlé statement on this topic is available here.