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Check your pet’s smile this National Dog Week

Sydney, Australia - Aussies love to care for their pets like family – from daily exercise and a cosy winter jumper, to giving them the best nutrition possible. However, one essential requirement of pet health is often overlooked. 

New research by Purina® Dentalife® has uncovered Australia’s key ‘cavity’ in pet care, revealing that 86% of Australian pet owners don’t clean their pets teeth on a daily basis. In fact, one in four Aussie pet owners don’t clean their pets teeth at all, with a lack of knowledge being the main barrier.

With the majority (91%) of Australian dog owners believing that their pooch expresses its happiness with a smile, Purina® Dentalife® is encouraging Aussie dog lovers this National Dog Week (20-26 September), to check their pets’ smile and brush up on their doggie dental knowledge.

According to veterinarian and pet dental registrar, Dr Kirsten Hailstone, caring for your pets’ teeth daily is as important – and as easy - as looking after your own. “Without a daily dental routine, 80% of dogs may have dental problems over the age of three** which can cause bad breath, discoloured teeth, inflamed, swollen gums that may bleed when chewing and severe discomfort,” she said. 

Just like us, our paw-some pals need a daily dental routine to keep their smiles shining and living life to the fullest. Without healthy teeth and gums, playing fetchies, chomping on treats and gifting slobbery kisses just isn’t the same.


However, a healthy pet smile is not that far-fetched and brushing your pets’ teeth daily doesn’t have to be a daily struggle to achieve a pooch-perfect smile. 

Scientifically tested to reduce tartar build-up, Purina® Dentalife® is an easy, everyday treat, designed to clean your pets’ teeth while they chew. It has a unique shape with eight distinct ridges, a chewy porous texture, and is particularly effective at reducing tartar on those hard-to-reach back teeth. 

“The back teeth are more vulnerable to plaque and tartar as this is where saliva stagnates which tends to cause bacteria to accumulate more” explained Dr Hailstone.

Purina® Dentalife® is available for both dogs and cats at all major supermarkets nationally and select IGAs & Pet Specialty stores from RRP $11.90 for dogs and RRP $4.10 for cats.