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Nestlé now hiring a Milkybar Kid-ult

The Search for the Milkybar Kid-ult
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Nestlé has today announced the search for Australia’s first Milkybar Kid-ult.

The hunt for the Milkybar Kid-ult is to celebrate the launch of Milkybar Whirl – a deliciously creamy Milkybar with a swirl of smooth milk chocolate, perfect for those who have more mature taste buds but are still a kid inside.

The successful applicant will be crowned the Milkybar Kid-ult and will enjoy an enviable job description with responsibilities ranging from taste-testing new flavours to being featured in upcoming marketing campaigns.

A custom-made outfit will be created for the Milkybar Kid-ult, who will also receive a supply of Milkybar Whirl to share with friends and family, because after all, the Milkybars are on them!

Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan said there’s a Milkybar Kid in all of us, and the team wanted to give Aussie adults a chance to enjoy those nostalgic memories.

“We know Australians of a certain age fondly remember the Milkybar Kid, so we’re excited that Milkybar Whirl is giving the nation an opportunity to relive their childhood. We’re looking for an ultimate Kid-ult, someone who’s still a kid at heart – but don’t worry spectacles and freckles from the original ads are not necessary!

“Whether it’s through this new role or enjoying the new Milkybar Whirl, we want to show Aussies that even though we’re all grown up, we can still enjoy a taste of our childhood,” Ms Tan said.

How to Enter:

If you have what it takes to be Australia’s first Milkybar Kid-ult, check out the job description and send a 30-second video to [email protected] explaining why you’re the person for the job.

Applications close 19 June 2020, and the successful application will be announced after 29 June 2020. See job description for more information.

Milkybar Whirl is available nationwide in Coles, Woolworths, Independents, Big W and convenience stores.