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Maggi and VEGEMITE join forces - the flavour collaboration set to bowl you over


Brace yourself noodle lovers! Maggi and VEGEMITE have teamed up to launch a delicious new noodle flavour - Maggi 2-Minute VEGEMITE Flavoured Noodles. This exciting and tasty collaboration combines two pantry staples for what could be the ultimate Aussie bowl of noodles.

The rich umami punch of VEGEMITE with the warm slurp of Maggi 2-Minute Noodles is a winning combination that will tantalise your taste buds. Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a base to create delicious recipes, Maggi 2-Minute VEGEMITE Flavoured Noodles are set to become an Aussie flavour hit.

What’s more, Maggi and VEGEMITE have partnered with a third flavour icon, chef Iain ‘Huey’ Hewitson to show Aussies the yummiest ways to enjoy new Maggi 2-Minute VEGEMITE Flavoured Noodles with easy meal recipes.

Hewitson comments “I have been a huge fan of both Maggi 2-Minute Noodles and VEGEMITE for decades and this new flavour combo is an Aussie twist on two household classics. What a fantastic base for tasty and easy family meals!”

Nestlé Head of Marketing - Foods Monique Koning said “We are delighted to bring together these two Australian favourites. Maggi 2-Minute VEGEMITE Flavoured Noodles is set to celebrate local flavours and excite Aussie noodle lovers”.

Bega Group’s Head of Marketing - Spreads Mary Stafford added, “We’re always excited about introducing new ways to love VEGEMITE, and the Maggi 2-Minute VEGEMITE Flavoured Noodles are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the VEGEMITE taste in a new and exciting way.”

Best enjoyed with a little butter and grated cheese or as a meal base with added protein and vegetables, this nostalgic combination will inspire many new noodle recipes.

Maggi 2-Minute VEGEMITE Flavoured Noodles will launch exclusively at Coles stores for a limited time from the 1st of May, followed by a rollout across most independent retailers from mid-June.