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Aussie Classic Lolly Makes a Refreshing Comeback

Allen's Spearmint Leaves
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The team at Allen’s are treating lolly-lovers today with the return of a much-loved classic, Spearmint Leaves. The launch has been made possible thanks to calls from avid fans who wanted to enjoy the memorable minty treats once again.

The gummy green lolly, which is shaped like a leaf and gently flavoured with spearmint, is sure to leaf Aussies feeling satisfied. The delicious lollies can be enjoyed at any occasion, and are also famous for their versatility in decorating cakes and desserts!

Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan said: “The team at Allen’s is excited to bring back this minty-fresh lolly which was first made in the 1960s. The sweet treat was a fan favourite at our pop-up store a few years ago, so we wanted to continue making Aussies smile by bringing Spearmint Leaves back on to shelves.”

Allen’s Spearmint Leaves (RRP $2.95) are available in the lolly aisle at Coles.