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MILO calls on Aussies to settle the national debate: are you on #MILOTeamHot or #MILOTeamCold?

Fitzy and Wippa claimed their teams but whose side are you on?
Milo Glass
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Nestlé is calling on Aussie MILO lovers everywhere to settle the debate that has surrounded the much-loved drink for more than 85 years – how do you prefer your MILO, hot or cold?

One of Australia’s best-known radio duos – Fitzy and Wippa – kicked off the debate today with a friendly squabble on social media, with Wippa declaring captaincy of Team Cold, while Fitzy championed Team Hot.

The inaugural MILO Hot V Cold Team Captains opened the debate to Australia, urging fans to make their vote via polls on MILO’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking about the great debate Wippa said: “As a kid growing up in Australia, I've been waiting a long time to settle this. The time is now for Aussie MILO lovers to choose their side - I am confident the clear winner will be Team Cold!”

Fitzy then remarked: “With the weather cooling down here in Australia, I’m stoked as Team Hot Captain that we have a clear advantage. There’s no doubt about it that Team Hot will come out on top here, I believe it's absolutely the best way to have it.”

Nestlé Dairy Business Manager Anna Stewart said the team at MILO hopes to unite Aussies in their love of the classic choc-malt taste drink and have a bit of fun connecting with their fellow Hot V Cold teammates and talk about the best way to enjoy their MILO and milk.

“MILO has been an iconic part of Australian life for generations, and we know many Aussies feel strongly about the best way to have their MILO. Some people love MILO with hot milk for a smoother drink, while others prefer their MILO made with cold milk to get the crunchy bits on top.

“By opening the poll up for MILO fans to make their vote and decide the ultimate team, we hope Aussies can band together over their love of MILO. Iconic duo, Fitzy and Wippa are self-confessed MILO lovers, making them the perfect team captains to lead our great debate. We can’t wait to see what Australia thinks!” said Stewart.

The Hot v Cold poll is live now across MILO for Aussies to vote at The winning side will be announced via social media in July.