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Allen’s launches NEW Chew’Ems lolly range in support and celebration of Aussie Koalas

Allens new 170g Render_1075x519.jpg

A Koala-ty Chew! The team at Australia’s iconic lolly brand Allen’s is launching NEW Chew‘Ems Gummi Koalas and Chew‘Ems Sourz Gummi Koalas.

The Chew’Ems range features our Aussie icons in a glorious extra gummy texture to satisfy those in the mood for a longer lasting chew with full on flavour.

Allen’s lovers nationwide will be able to chews between the Chew’Ems Gummi Koalas fruity flavoured fun or get zapped with the tanginess of Chew’Ems Sourz Gummi Koalas. Each Chew’Ems Koala is a unique shape with its own personality such as Cheeky Raspberry, Sleepy Lime, Grumpy Pineapple and Happy Blackcurrant. 

To celebrate the launch, Allen’s has partnered with WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, to support koalas which have recently been classified as endangered in Queensland, NSW and the ACT.

Allen’s support will help WIRES fund a new online National Koala Rescue Training Course so licensed rescuers across Australia can aid in the rescue of this iconic species.

Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionery Joyce Tan says, “It's been a devastating few years for one of our most treasured species, the koala. Allen’s is proud to do our part in supporting WIRES with our new range of Chew’Ems." 

Allen’s Chew‘Ems Gummi Koalas and Allen’s Chew‘Ems Sourz Gummi Koalas are available now in grocery and convenience stores.