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New Nescafé premium instant coffee uses micro-granules adapted to local tastes

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Consumers worldwide can enjoy a new premium Nescafé that uses a blend of soluble and finely ground micro-granulated coffee designed to meet specific tastes in individual countries. This month it has been launched in Brazil as Nescafé Duo Grão. It was first launched to Japanese consumers as a luxury coffee called Nescafé Koumibaisen last year. In the United Kingdom, it was launched as Nescafé Azera, and as Nescafé Molienda in Mexico. The product aims to reach more consumers in more countries this year.

Different tastes

Nescafé asked researchers at the Nestlé Product Technology Centre in Orbe, Switzerland, to help them understand how to match its coffee to consumers’ taste preferences and habits. The researchers found out that consumers in Mexico do not like bitter coffee, but prefer a smoother taste. The Japanese like their coffee stronger and rich in aroma, while the British like a well-balanced coffee taste. Brazilians prefer their coffee with a smooth but aromatic taste.

Tailoring the product

“From Brazil to Japan, we discovered that consumers have really diverse tastes,” explained Michael Briner, of the Beverage Strategic Business Unit at Nestlé. “Lifestyle, consumption and daily patterns all made a difference so we used our coffee expertise and know-how to tailor the product to each country,” he added.

Determine different aromas

Nescafé selected a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to achieve specific tastes, choosing beans that provided a smoother or more bitter taste. The beans are either lightly or deeply roasted to determine the different aromas. The roasted beans are then ground down to micro-granules and blended together with soluble coffee to provide a unique and specifically crafted cup of coffee.

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