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Nestlé “lunchbox friendly” muesli bars

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Sydney, Australia

Nestlé Australia today said that its new range of “lunchbox friendly” muesli bars had been developed to fit within school nut management policies.

Nestlé “lunchbox friendly” muesli bars do not include nuts as an ingredient and the production plant does not handle nor process any nuts.

The new bars, labelled “lunchbox friendly”, have been developed in response to consumer feedback telling us they wanted a muesli bar that can be taken to school.

Because of the very serious nature of nut allergies, this has been an extensive process, including:

  • Removing nuts from all our muesli bar recipes
  • Removing nuts from our muesli bar factory, in a process that took over six months. This included a complete shut down of the factory for a week during which equipment was pulled apart for intensive cleaning
  • Working with suppliers to understand their sourcing and any potential for nut contact
  • Working with Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia to get an understanding of the best way to advise schools and communicate the change on-pack.

While we have done everything we reasonably can to reduce risk for people with nut allergy, we can’t be completely certain that any of our ingredients haven’t been in contact with nuts somewhere in storage or transport before they reach us. For this reason, we can’t recommend our muesli bars for people with nut allergies.

The safety and quality of our products is a non-negotiable priority.


For further information, please contact Margaret Stuart on 02 8756 2608 or 0412 893 080.