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Nestlé creates exclusive Ruby KitKat for employees to mark Gender Balance Acceleration Plan launch

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Nestlé has created its first ever KitKat range for employees only to mark International Women’s Day and the launch of its new Gender Balance Acceleration Plan.

The delicious KitKats, featuring the rosy hue and berry flavour of ruby cocoa, have been specially designed by KitKat Chocolatory Chocolatier Connie Yuen for exclusive distribution to all 4000 Nestlé employees in Australia and New Zealand.

Nestlé Oceania CEO Sandra Martinez, who guided the creative development of the packaging, said the pack includes a message to inspire all employees to make their mark.

“International Women’s Day reminds us all of the ways diversity makes us stronger,” Ms Martinez said.

“In Oceania, our business is stronger because of the contribution of women in every function from leading businesses to running factories and developing new products.

“That’s why we’re proud to introduce the global Gender Balance Acceleration Plan, which is based on practical steps for action. For Nestlé, gender equality leads to better decisions and richer innovation which will make Nestlé an even better place to work,” she said.

Nestlé’s global Gender Balance Acceleration Plan is designed to increase the number of women in senior leadership roles across the business globally, underscoring Nestlé’s commitment to advancing gender equality at the company.

Ms Martinez said Connie Yuen’s creativity and innovative approach with chocolate made her the perfect person to design the exclusive treat for employees.

“Connie Yuen designed the first Ruby KitKat bars for our Melbourne KitKat Chocolatory as part of the global launch of ruby cocoa last year, so it seems fitting that she should also create the first KitKat just for Nestlé staff,” Ms Martinez said. 

The exclusive KitKat is made from ruby chocolate, the fourth type of natural chocolate after milk, dark and white. Its colour and distinctive berry flavour come naturally from the cocoa beans.