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Nestlé Australian chocolate factory now using sustainable palm oil

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Nestlé chocolate
NESTLÉ Chocolate: Now uses only segregated, certified sustainable palm oil in its Australian chocolate factory

Nestlé Australia now uses only segregated, certified sustainable palm oil in its Australian chocolate factory.

This factory, based in Melbourne, manufactures all the chocolate we sell in Australia, as well as most of the chocolate we sell in New Zealand.

This means that any of our chocolate made in Australia using palm oil is now made using palm oil that has been sustainably produced, and is kept within a system where it is segregated from other palm oil - from the mill and through the supply chain until it leaves our factory.

This includes:

  • Nestlé chocolate blocks and bars (such as Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties, Milky Bar and Wonka)
  • Allens lollies containing chocolate (such as Fantales, Freckles and Jaffas)
  • The Nestlé and Plaistowe cooking chocolate ranges.

As well, all these products also contain UTZ Certified cocoa sourced from the Nestlé Cocoa Plan

Nestlé is the first major chocolate manufacturer in Australia to use only cocoa and palm oil that have been independently certified across its entire retail chocolate range.

There may be exceptions with imported chocolate: Generally Nestlé doesn’t import chocolate to Australia. However, from time to time, some retailers may source chocolates made by Nestlé overseas from sources other than Nestlé Australia. In some instances, the palm oil may be sustainable and traceable, but not all – globally we continue to work towards this. We don’t manufacture Easter chocolates in Australia.

And, of course, not all our chocolate uses palm oil.

We continue to increase the amount of sustainable palm oil that we source across our business globally.

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