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Nestlé Australia launches world’s most exclusive KIT KAT

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Nestlé Australia will release limited edition 24k gold covered KIT KAT bars to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Only 88 specially handcrafted eight finger KIT KAT bars will be produced, featuring premium ingredients sourced from around the world.

The KIT KAT Chinese New Year bars contain Phoenix Oolong tea leaves sourced from the Guangdong Province of China paired with delicate lychee and fragrant rose petals. They will be covered with 24k gold leaf and topped with whole rose buds and rose jelly.


The exclusive bars will be sold at KIT KAT Studio Melbourne Central, a concept store allowing customers to design their own KIT KAT with a choice of chocolate together with 16 never-before tried premium ingredients. Their KIT KAT is then handmade on site and presented in custom packaging.

The exclusive 24k gold KIT KAT bars will be handcrafted by the KIT KAT Studio chocolatiers and presented in an elaborate red and gold box, wrapped in red silk.

The bars will go on sale at 8am on Thursday January 28 for $88 each.

For those who miss out on the 24k gold covered KIT KAT bars, KIT KAT Studio will introduce four new handcrafted KIT KAT Special Editions to celebrate Chinese New Year, available for $6 each:

From January 25 to February 7

  • Tangerine Crème Brûlée 

From February 1 to February 7

  • Taro and Black Sesame
  • Red Bean and Toasted Coconut
  • Almond Cookie

The KIT KAT Studio concept store debuted in Sydney last year before moving to Melbourne in November. More than 70,000 handmade KIT KAT bars have already been sold. 

KIT KAT Studio Melbourne Central will close on February 7.

KIT KAT Studio facts

  • Just 88 KIT KAT Chinese New Year 8 finger bars will go on sale at 8am on January 28. They will be available for $88. The number 8 is considered lucky in the Chinese culture as it’s linked to good fortune and wealth.
  • KIT KAT Studio made its worldwide debut in Sydney last August. Since then, it has used over 5.3 tonnes of UTZ certified chocolate.
  • The most popular ingredients have been Brownie Crumbs, Raspberry Pieces and Crunchy & Chewy Salted Caramel pieces.
  • Originally slated to close on January 17, KIT KAT Studio Melbourne Central has been extended to February 7 due to its popularity with both Melbourne locals and tourists.

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