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NESCAFÉ fights back against hunger

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Our NESCAFÉ team recently donated more than 3000 jars of NESCAFÉ Blend 43 to help those Australians who don’t have enough to eat each day.

The donation was part of Foodbank’s Food Fight campaign during August to help those experiencing food insecurity.

Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia: one in six people don’t have enough to eat at some point every year. Half of these, or two million Australians seek food relief from a charity or community group, and a third of those seeking food relief are children.

The campaign linked purchases of Food Fight products such as NESCAFÉ from Woolworths supermarkets to donations of product, not just raising awareness of Foodbank and the prevalence of hunger in Australia but showcasing our year-round commitment to supporting Foodbank.

The campaign was supported by significant point of sale material, as well as television, radio, outdoor and print advertising.

Foodbank Australia collects food for distribution to a network of charities and schools.

As part of our long association with Foodbank, we donated more than 760,000 kg of food in the past 12 months, equaling around 1,100,000 meals including donations of breakfast cereals through Foodbank’s Key Staples Program.