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Milo Now Made With Sustainable Cocoa

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Nestlé Australia announced today that the cocoa used in Milo is now sourced and produced sustainably on farms with safe working practices.


The decision to use UTZ Certified cocoa is part of the company’s global commitment to help improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities.


Nestle Australia sources nearly 4,000 tonnes of UTZ Certified cocoa and this will go towards producing more than two million tins of Milo every year, destined for Australia and New Zealand.


Nestlé General Manager Beverages, Evan Gongolidis, said Australian consumers could feel confident that the cocoa in Milo has been produced on farms with safe work and environmental conditions.


“Increasingly, consumers want to be confident that the ingredients in their food and drink have been sourced responsibly and ethically,” he said.


“UTZ Certification gives them the confidence that we are supporting cocoa-growing communities by enabling farmers to run profitable farms and improving social conditions. At the same time, we pay a higher premium to farmers for good quality cocoa, which goes towards improving farmers’ lives and those of their families and communities.”


The announcement follows a Nestlé initiative more than two years ago to source UTZ Certified cocoa for its all retail chocolate bars and blocks and baking chocolate made in Australia.


Milo is made at Smithtown on the NSW mid north coast, the same place where it was first created during The Depression to help children receive the nutrients they needed.


Today, Milo is still based on the same four core ingredients of milk, cocoa, malted barley and sugar – and still plays a role in supporting good nutrition. A glass of Milo and skim milk is a source of protein, contains eight essential vitamins and minerals, and carries a Health Star Rating of 4.5 stars.


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Milo facts

  • 32 million cups of Milo are consumed worldwide every day.
  • A glass of Milo and milk contains less than 1 teaspoon of added sugar. The remaining sugar naturally comes from the milk powder and malted barley.
  • Milo is low GI whether made with skim, low fat or full cream milk.
  • A glass of Milo and milk boosts the calcium of milk by 70%.
  • Contains eight vitamins and minerals.
  • Milo provides 50% of the daily requirement of iron, vitamin C and vitamin B.