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Research shows that the majority of boys and girls aged 14-18 aren’t getting enough calcium , but parents may also be surprised to learn that vitamin D plays an important role in how effective calcium is. Long committed to providing wholesome energy, Milo Cereal has now added vitamin D to its cereal range so kids can get more out of their breakfast with every mouthful!
Vitamin D is essential for kid’s normal growth and development. It helps calcium to be absorbed, helping to build strong bones in growing kids. A single 30g serve of Milo Cereal now provides 25% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of vitamin D.

The Milo Cereal range includes Original, Duo and Protein Cluster cereals and the addition of vitamin D joins Milo Cereal’s other nutritional benefits of:
• Source of whole grains
• Source of fibre
• Source of calcium
• No artificial flavours or colours

Parents can have peace of mind that, as well as the delicious taste and enjoying their cereal of choice, kids are getting extra goodness at breakfast, and are fuelled for their active day ahead.

Milo Cereal Original and Duo with vitamin D is available from 11 December 2017, while the Milo Cereal Protein Clusters with vitamin D will be available from 29 January, 2018.